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Copyright and Use Policy

Our Copyright policy is that all rights of use are reserved, other than you may use our products to make any baked goods for use or sale without any limitations.

However, if you would like to modify, reproduce, or adapt any of Au Bon Cake's or’s designs, products, images, structure, trademarks and other elements embodied within this website please contact us for licensing terms.  We have worked out licensing on either a variable or fixed cost biases with companies in the past.  One such example is the licensing of our Perfect Hamantashen Maker to CB supplies in Israel.  See:


In this case, we liked their stainless steel variation of our design so much, we also purchased their cutter, and made it available for sale on our website along side our original, food-safe plastic version.

Au Bon Cake has invested significant time developing unique product designs, and our products are protected by national and international legislation relating to intellectual and industrial property.  The designs, products, images, structure, trademarks and other elements embodied within the website should not be modified, reproduced, or adapted.  The use of all or part of the website’s contents or products is strictly prohibited unless prior permission in writing has been granted. Any infringement of these rights may lead to extrajudicial, judicial, civil or criminal proceedings as appropriate.

Unless explicit permission is given, Au Bon Cake does not grant any type of license or permission of use in relation to its intellectual and industrial property rights or any other property or right associated with the website, its services or content.

For the purposes of preserving our intellectual property rights, in the event a user or third party believes that their legitimate rights have been infringed due to the inclusion of certain content on the website, please notify us by sending us a message, and we will resolve the issue with you.

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