Siddur 1/2' Font - 100 Hebrew Letter Number Cake Cookie Impresser Sticky Set

Siddur 1/2' Font - 100 Hebrew Letter Number Cake Cookie Impresser Sticky Set

Siddur Font - 100 Hebrew Letter Number 1/2" Cake Cookie Impresser Set

With Au Bon Cake’s Hebrew Letter/Number Impresser Set, you can easily stamp personalized messages or names on your fondant covered cakes, cookies, or clay in multiple ½” Hebrew fonts.  The ½” size is for letters like א, whereas letters like ל are larger and Yud is smaller.  We provide 100 letters/numbers with the most frequent characters duplicated.  All letters are about 6mm deep.

The *clear* Sticky Letter Holder is 6” long and 2” high, and is provided to allow you to align your letter and have control over placement, especially on the sides of your cakes.  A protective plastic film protects the sticky pad between uses.  A metal lifting tool is provided to help remove letters from the sticky holder after use.  A vinyl carrying pouch helps keep your set together.

The distribution of letters is:
SIX  – י
FIVE ה ו -
FOUR  – א  ר ש
THREE –   ת ז ב ג דח כ ל מ נ   
TWO –ך ם ן ס ע פ צ ק ט ת
ONE – ף ץ

Two of each number digit is provided except for the 6/9 and zero which has three each.

The sticky pad is reusable and should be washed with warm water, air dried, and the protective film should be replaced after each use. 
EXTRA Sticky Letter Holder's can be purchased in this listing.

If you choose to paint the impressed letters, we recommend using the edible art paints or a mix of dust and Dipping Solution/Rejuvenator to paint with a 00 Brush.

The color of the letters may be different from what is pictured.

Most items ship within 3-5 days, but maybe more depending on our order backlog.  If we anticipate it being more than 5 business days we will reach out to you.  We do not work on Jewish Holidays or the Jewish Sabbath, so our communication and production will be suspended during these times.

This product is made based on your order, so we only accept returns only if the item is different then what was described.  If the item arrives damaged, we will replace the damaged part.