Jewish Challah Bread Traditional Cookie/Fondant Cutter 2pc SET 4"

Jewish Challah Bread Traditional Cookie/Fondant Cutter 2pc SET 4"


Jewish Challah Bread Traditional  Cookie/Fondant Cutter 2pc SET 4"


Set includes:
* Makes a 4" wide" cookie and about 2" tall
* A two piece set where the outside cutter is made to cut the cookie and the fondant cookie topper.
* The second piece slides within the outer cutter and is made to impress either lines into the cookie, or lines into a fondant cookie topper.
* The set can be used without fondant, or it can be used just to impress the lines into a cookie directly.
* PRO-TIP: The trick to getting the bubbled look like a real challah is to cover the dough with saran wrap before pushing down the middle impresser.  
* See our other Modern (Angular) Shaped Challah and our challah chocolate mold too.
* The outer cutter is beveled at the top for a sharper cut.
* Made of food safe plastic.
* Should be hand washed in warm water as excessive dishwasher heat may deform the cutters.
* Order multiple items to take advantage of combined shipping!

Remember to always keep the dough dry by dabbing corn starch or flour on both the cutter and dough to prevent sticking.

The color of the cutters may be different from what is pictured.



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