Hot Cocoa Bomb Mold system 4-piece Sphere - 2.5" and 3"

Hot Cocoa Bomb Mold system 4-piece Sphere - 2.5" and 3"


Please see our COCOA BOMB system TUTORIAL video


and a detailed instruction pictorial PDF


Use our hard/soft system to make perfect Cocoa Bombs.

* Each 4-piece set comes with:
  - TWO hard 1/2 shells
  - TWO soft 1/2 shells
* Choose either 3" (76mm) or 2.5" (64mm)  sizes.
* See the second picture for a detailed pictorial on how to use our system.
* Each set makes two halves to form a whole ball.
* High quality food-safe plastic



Our 2pc system is superior to the other systems on the market. The one piece system where you need to "paint" the sides of the mold with chocolate leads to an uneven chocolate layer that cracks frequently.  The 3-piece is not as good as ours as their second hard piece is needed to make up for their soft piece being "loose". With our system, the soft shell fits perfectly and tightly in the hard shell, so it works best.


Please see our COCOA BOMB system TUTORIAL video


ALSO, the right chocolate is critical:
  * Do NOT use chocolate chips as they contain stabilizers.
  * Compound chocolate, also known as, confectionery coating, candy melts, melting wafers, or almond bark is recommended. It does not need to be tempered, and melts and hardens nicely. Some popular brands are Wilton Candy Melts, Ghirardelli Melting Wafers, Merckens Confectionery Coating, and has non-dairy (parve) melting wafers.
  * If pure chocolate is used it MUST be tempered or it will be soft, streaky, spotty, or even chalky.


PLEASE NOTE the soft plastic shells will often have an uneven cloudy appearance.  This is normal and does not effect its function. 


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