Hebrew Letter Acrylic Cake Templates for Number Cake / Cookie Cake / Letter Cake

Hebrew Letter Acrylic Cake Templates for Number Cake / Cookie Cake / Letter Cake

Our acrylic templates help make perfectly shaped number/letter cakes.  Lay them on top of your dough and cut around.


Detailed usage pictorial instructions PDF


* All 27 Hebrew letters are available, you can order multiple letters of the same font and size, just make the quantity correct (e.g. three) and tell us the multiple letters you want in the personalization field or order notes (e.g. "shin, hey, alef").
* Choose your maximum dimension size: 6", 8", 10" 12".  Most letters are limited by height, a few like shin are limited by width.
* Choose your font, see listing details for pictures of the letters.  On purpose the letters are extra bold to better fit the style of these letter/number style cakes.
* These letters are sized individually, meaning that yud and lamed will both be the same 12".  IF you would like the letters to be proportional to each other to spell our a word, we can do that, just put that into the notes, and we will scale the letters accordingly so the biggest letter is the maximum dimension you choose and the other letters will be the same size or smaller.
* These are thin, clear, food-safe acrylic, reusable, "stiff" templates about 1/16" thick. 
* Should be hand washed in warm water as excessive dishwasher heat will deform the cutters.
* We also sell numbers and English in our other listings.
* Please reach out to us for custom size requests, for tall-thin letter we may be go up to a max of 18".
* The beautiful cake pictures are provided by Esti Wormser at sparklesandsprinklesesti at gmail.com.  Please email her to make you a beautiful kosher cake in the Brooklyn NY area.


DISCOUNT of 10% if all 27 letters are purchased (see that discount in the Size drop down).  Please in description tell us if you want them proportional to each other.


IMPORTANT:  Make sure quantity ordered matches list of letters you specify.